Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Car Insurance

We just received our annual car insurance renewal and to our surprise, it went down!

There has been a change in the car insurance policy in our province whereby the base coverage has now gone down explaining the price decrease.

There are a handful of pages of charts explaining the base coverages of all the categories. What one must do now is decide whether the new lowered coverage is sufficient?

If not, you will need to call them to discuss increasing either back to where it was before or boosting it higher. As much as a $20 decrease a month is great, we need to make sure we are not under insured.

Well, the time has come for trip preparations once again. I've been printing out maps and scouring weather forecasts to get some idea of temperature ranges so I can pack properly without checking in luggage. This one is challenging me.

After "freezing" in Slovenia last month I'm not taking any chances this time. I don't want to be walking all over the place looking for an inexpensive pullover to buy when I have more than enough clothes at home.

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