Monday, May 9, 2011

Prudent Decisions

I've decided to delay the start of my dance lesson due to work overload. On one hand, my brain tells me it will help me neutralize the work effects.

My other side of the brain tells me to just allow yourself to recover and catch up instead of always going and doing. It's quite the fight up there.

So the right side of brain won out this round. I'm sticking with the basic exercise and rest and good food. That will mean sushi tonight!

The first long weekend "of the summer" for us Canadians is coming up in another 1 1/2 wks. It will also be the first time D will be using the turbo hub on the Friday, working remote from up north.

We will get to drive up on the Thursday night, hopefully avoiding the crazy summer cottage traffic from now on.

As we tend to go twice a month, I'm taking the Fridays off those weeks throughout the summer cottaging season. Might do that into the fall as well, haven't decided yet.

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