Thursday, April 21, 2011


It is set. My colleague and I will be moving offices for July 1st. Everything has been inked and signed. We are very excited as it will be a better long term business move.

There is much less stress with this one as our business model will not change. Nothing much changes other than a more central location with better parking. It is my hope to finish up my career here.

My recent car purchase will cause some shifting of assets in my NWIQ chart. The depreciable assets (oh well!) goes up while non registered account balances goes down.

As D and I are splitting on this purchase and he doesn't want to cash out his non registered stocks, he will be carrying a line of credit balance for the next year or so. I'm paying for my half outright.

No new news about my pregnant friend's plight. Her partner hasn't made any attempts to reach out to her. She is trying hard to keep a positive outlook for the baby's sake.

D and I feel so strongly about her we are thinking of setting up an RESP/savings account as our gift to the baby.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

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