Monday, March 28, 2011

New Phone!

A couple (few?) years ago, when D started working from home we noticed our cordless phone was interfering with our wireless router. Not great from a work productivity viewpoint.

It was at the time when Dect 6.0 phones were just coming out -- Translation "pricey" and not much choice. We bought the first 2 handset unit we found at Costco and I have disliked them ever since.

Remember how I bought the sub standard "great deal" patio set last summer just to end up returning it to buy the known to be good set from Hauser? Well this phone scenario is the same. I ought to have listened to my gut and bought Panasonic instead of Uniden.

Well, this weekend, I did. I had enough of the beeping messages of me being "out or range" when I hadn't moved an inch and the 1 hr battery life after 24 hrs of charging. A new phone wasn't in the weekly budget but saving 50% and getting a $10 gift card was incentive enough. I'll make it work.

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