Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Homes

I saw a great scene from my kitchen window the other day of the 2 houses we face. Both homes house young people who are just starting out on their lives. One couple just moved in and have no kids and the other couple just celebrated their first child's 1st birthday and mom has gone back to work after a year of maternity leave.

Our home is considered a sought after area (if you like old houses) due to the grand old homes, large ravine lots and mature trees. The big hold homes are built on land that are 3 - 5 acres in size vs the smaller homes on the side boulevards with the 24 - 30 ft frontage. So there is quite a difference. The closer homes are to the larger ones, the higher the price. These 2 couples moved in a few months of each other into their first homes that mirror each other in shape.

The scene I saw which put a smile on my face was of one husband coming home from work in the morning having worked nights as a plant electrician carrying his tool box and drop sheet up his front porch steps while at the same time, the new mom is walking down her steps with her ID card around her neck, going to work. Both contributing daily steps towards building their dream life.

Both people peacefully going about their business, oblivious to each other and me, who happened to have walked by my window at the same. I couldn't help thinking of how the cycle of life just keeps clipping along no matter what might be the current issue in my head. It was such an innocent scene to witness. And a reminder of how proud I was of my first home and how proud I was to come home to My Home.

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