Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weird Behaviour

I got a gift from D the other day. I would say I reluctantly accepted it. He would call me impossible. It is an Origami calendar. I've wanted one for years but would not spend the money to buy it.

Now that the new year has started, it is on sale for 50% off and I still didn't want him to buy it for me because I wanted him to save his money. I didn't even want to buy it for myself because I don't know, I was being cheap to self.

So D grabbed the one left and stormed off to buy it, all the while mumbling how difficult it was to have me accept a gift.

Now that I do have it, I had fun folding my fifth origami character today. It is a stress release because you don't think of anything else while doing this activity. I'm glad I accepted D's gift.

If you ask D, he'll tell you I spend almost no time if the item in question is over $500 but when it is under $50, watch out, I can spend hours mulling it over and apparently also valid for other people's money.

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