Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tax Time

Well, I've gotten my taxes inputted on my online software site. I owe a small amount (under $200 but subject to change as I have yet to receive my tax slips from investments) as I invested under my rsp umbrella this year.

As D was first hired as a contractor for his current company, he has a more complicated tax return this year. I don't think he is liking it and is hoping he will stay full time for the foreseeable future so he will not have to do it again.

We are pretty sure that D will be putting some money in his rsp this year as well. As more info trickles in, he'll know better.


  1. Yup, waiting on all the needed tax forms too. Would love to get the jump on tax season but biding my time. I've been awfully impatient lately, what gives I wonder?

  2. Hi Jane;

    I think it is a closure thing!