Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finishing Up

D and I will be eating our way through our fridge until all the food is mostly gone before buying more. We have cut back on meat consumption so much that we feel there is too much of it in the freezer and that bothers us. Plus I don't want some of it going bad from being in there too long.

I'm looking forward to the positive effects it will have on our food budget as we will only need to be buying fresh fruit, veggies and staples for the next little while. Some extra monies built up in the food account would be great. It makes me feel like we are ahead of the game.

I spend an hour or so getting the rest of my 2010 bookkeeping completed. It is looking like I may owe taxes above and beyond the installments I've already paid. So, I am playing around with potential RSP contributions vs. just paying what I will owe.


  1. We're increasing the number of meatless meals too and I don't mind a bit plus we're going to live off our fridge and pantry for as long as possible, like you. Should really help out the grocery budget this month.

  2. Hi Jane;

    That's what I'm hoping for too. It's not easy to get the combination of health and savings at the same time!