Friday, December 24, 2010

Month / Year Wrap Up

D handles all of our monthly bills. They are deducted automatically from the checking account. He has just told me that the account has more money in it than it needs. Of course I stop in my tracks and give him a long look.

We could use the money in our savings accounts. And I like to end each month and year accurately. In the end, when he crunches out our January bills, that amount left over may be well under $1000 but money is money and we have use for it.

2010 has been a crazy environmental year. From the volcano eruption to earthquakes to the current flooding and mudslides in California. I watched an interview with a lady whose house is 1/3rd buried in mud after being flooded. She mentioned that she didn't have flood insurance so she has literally lost her home.

I know some homes are not eligible for flood insurance because the insurance company are not willing to take a risk in a known flood zone. Hopefully you find that out before you buy. For our cottage, because a stream sits in front of it, we were not able to buy flood insurance.

We weighted the risk with the size of the stream, first hand accounts of flooding from long time neighbours and decided we were willing to take the risk of purchasing the property. There is a crawlspace instead of basement.

I want to take this opportunity to wish Each and Everyone of you a Wonderful Holiday Season. Thank you for being Valued Readers and Contributors!


  1. I'm really glad right now that the house I bought in PEI is on a hill. Anything close to the ocean is flooded right now!
    Enjoy your Christmas...extra $$?? Wow, I call that a Christmas miracle!!

  2. Merry Christmas MW and hope you have a lovely break. See you (well you know what I mean) next year.

  3. Hi Jane;

    I am so relieved for you that your PEI home is safe. As much as we may be able to manage any potential damages, in reality, we wouldn't want to deal with it.

    Hi Lizzie!

    I hope you had a wonderfully warm Christmas with your family!