Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting a Deal

Do you ask for discounts? If so under what circumstances? For what services would you not ask for a discount?

For me, I would ask for a discount if I was in the market for a new or used car etc. I would not think to ask for a discount at a restaurant or if I was at the movies. I wouldn't think of it either if I was at my optometrist or massage therapist.

So what would compel some people to ask for discounts for everything? I know how if you don't ask, you won't get but isn't there a limit to that before you come across like someone without much dignity?

If I cannot afford to eat out, I just won't eat out. Same goes for new shoes. I'd just look for a used pair. I wouldn't feel like it was my right to get a facial therefore the spa will have to give me a discount.

What got me going was someone who was randomly sitting beside me waiting for an appointment. They told me they are trying to get some form of disability credit from the government because they would get episode of back pain whereby they cannot walk well.

This person is still able to work full time in a job where they are required to lift things and be on their feet a long time. Not someone who you'd label disabled.

Then they go on about how broke they are but just isn't able to quit smoking. How terrible it was because they found it difficult to put food on the table for their family. And with the 2nd half of the same breath talked about all the expensive sports their kids are into.

Why was it stores that sell sports equipment were not sympathetic to their cause? Why wasn't their therapist able to give them a discount when it was obvious they needed help?

They were called into the appt before me so I watched as they leapt off the chair and walked just fine with the nurse.

I doubt they will qualify for whatever disability credit they are looking for. If they did, so should the rest of us who occasionally get really sore and stiff after a weekend of gardening or snow shovelling.

That's not considered a disability. Nor is an inability to manage money reason for businesses to reward by give discounts.


  1. About the only place I ask for discounts (besides garage sales, church sales and the like) are antique stores, furniture, appliances that sort of thing. I don't mind asking "what's your best price?"

  2. Hi Jane;

    Well you make sense. I would do the same thing in those cases.

    I think the key is that we are not trying to take advantage of someone or the system or am not making ourselves out to be a victum.