Friday, November 5, 2010

Goals & Glitches

Neat Stat -- just short of 2 years ago, our total mortgage debt (for both places) was $190353. Today, it is $99454. In 2 years we are hoping/expecting it will be close enough to $0.

On days when I wonder if my math is accurate, it is nice to see big pictures numbers from where we've been to help assure we are heading along an accurate path.

The novel (I use the term loosely here) writing is coming along. As I have and will be missing time due to vacations, I started earlier to make up for it. Current word count in the low 20000s. Goal is 50000.

Two and a half weeks really isn't a long time. When I booked this whirlwind trip to Greece and Turkey I thought that 2 works weeks after coming home from France was alright.

Now that I am finishing week 1, I do feel rushed thinking of what I have to do next week before I leave again. I think next time, I'll give myself a month between trips.

I may have encountered another technology glitch with my phone as I think I am missing 7 voice messages.

I will be calling today to find out whether there was a glitch in the system while we were away or voice message unretrieved will get automatically deleted? I wouldn't think so but I'm going to ask anyway.


  1. So close to that mortgage end it will be here before you know it. I can't believe that you guys are back from France already...where does the time go and soon off to Greece. Lucky you guys :)

  2. Hi Sue!

    I hope so! There are many days where even 2 weeks seem way too long!

  3. Congrats on your mortgage progress. Very impressive!

  4. We share the same vision! I want to have an early retirement, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. I am saving every coin and bill now just to obtain the things I want. 10 more years and I am more than excited. This retirement-Pennsylvania seems far but for me, it is pretty attainable.

  5. Thanks very much carlos!

    Hi Cara;

    I think the next 10 years will just fly. You sound very determined to make it happen so it will! Thanks for stopping by.