Friday, November 26, 2010

Continued Planning

I didn't have the jetlagged exhaustion for very long after this last trip. I believe it to be because the trip was so restful outside of the getting lost and Turkish bazaar part.

I have been busy trip planning since my return as D informed me when he picked me up at the airport that KLM had a 4 day sale. We have been looking for reasonable flights for next spring when we will be in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam wasn't on the sale list but I got the idea of going somewhere else before AMS so started playing around with their multi destination searches. I lucked out because we are able to fly to Rome and then AMS and home for $300 less than a flight to AMS and back.

Why? I have no idea other than to guess they are considering the jaunt to AMS as a free stopever as it was the flight to Rome that was part of the 4 day sale. Something for everyone out there to consider next time you are trip planning.

So the trip has morphed into Rome for 3 nights, then AMS for a week after. We could have stayed a week in Rome but D will just be coming home from his annual guys ski trip which incidentally is going to cost not too far from our European trip. Whistler is not known to be cheap.

I made contact with a nice appt owner in Rome as I was going to go for a week but in the end we decided to stay in the hotel I stayed at my first time in Rome for old times sake and make our short stay a true city break.

Plus I found out I had enough points after my last trip for a plane ticket anywhere in North America... Which has meant, I've been looking for a warm winter getaway. So that's what I've been working on outside of actually working since getting back.

Incidentally, I finished my ahem, "novel". It clocks in at 50130 words and I've been having a heck of a time getting the site to come up since yesterday so I can upload it. There are probably thousands of people who are trying to do the same thing right now. We have til next Tues.

***update*** It has been uploaded and I have officially met the challenge. (FYI, all participants who made it to the 50000 words are considered "winners". My writing didn't really win anything.)

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