Monday, June 14, 2010


D used to work with a couple who are much more materialistic than us. What I mean by that is stuff like: Believing that it is necessary to drive, dress and live such that people cannot possibly think they are anything less than successful. They are also a good decade younger than us and have things to prove.

This is also the couple I mentioned in an earlier blog post who were travelling to Paris, Nice, Cannes and Monaco during the Grand Prix and Film festival. It was an eye opener for them -- in a good way. They came back humbled.

Being the showiest in your small town and neighbourhood is like being the biggest fish in a small pond. Though I would argue if the showy stuff one displays is a result of credit, that isn't true wealth... Wealth where they were was on a totally different scale -- no more small pond and it blew them away.

They described their experience perfectly. The truly wealthy people they saw had faces that looked as if it had been bathed in moisturizer and looked like it never made a stressed expression or seen an ounce of stress or worry in their lives. Those weren't the botox unlined faces prevalent in North America. It isn't something you can fake.


  1. In English society you can always spot real money by the fact that it doesnt look like they have money (ostentation is an embaressment)but that they really dont care what you think. Just think of the Queens threadbare carpets.
    Hope they didnt max out their cards trying to catch up!

  2. People who have money do not like others to know it. People who have nothing like to show how rich they are.

    There is a difference between old and new money (in general). “New money” likes to show off their wealth through stuff they own, clothes they wear, cars they drive; they’re simply afraid people do not know that they have money. Most movie stars would fall into this category.

  3. Hi Lizzie!

    I like the English way! Yes they did over spend to fit in...

    Hi Sandra!

    I never thought of it as old money vs. new. Makes a lot of sense and certainly applies to this case.