Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crunch Time

It's crunch time with respect to my work negotiations. The latest news has been a request that I come up with numbers and a working model...kinda hard to do when I do not have access to their it appears they are not willing to do the work as the owners of the place.

I've already given them a reply with respect to the number they used as starting point. They have chosen not to respond to that.

I sent a response back stating most of the above and asked for an honest answer as to whether this new idea/setup can even work financially for them. If not, my feelings won't be hurt. I just want to know as I am running out of time.

By the way, they have not agreed to keep my existing rent as is. The changes are happening July 1st and I have made the decision not to work under the new rules. I may as well transition out asap and make my own way.

The lack of good will on their end is very apparent. It feels like they are hoping to stall for as long as they can. Final meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.

My trip to BA has been cancelled. If someone rents my apartment then I'll get my deposit back, if not, I was prepared to lose it anyways. Looks like for some reason, I am getting more money back for my flight than I thought -- not complaining!

The trip to Maine and area is trickier. I've already prepaid for some hotel nights and the flight. The flight cancellation policy pretty much wipes out any credit I would have gotten. Plus the points I used for partial payment are non refundable.

Right now, I would like to aim for a trip to France with D in the fall instead so Maine will likely be sacrificed. Plus my final payments for Maine are due in a week, so not much time left to think about it.

On a very cool news front, there is a good possibility that D is going to be offered a full time position at this current contract place of work. It will likely happen when his contract is up, which is end of Sept. whereby he will get "converted" to full time status, which will come with extra health benefits, partial pension, life insurance, 4 weeks vacation etc. We are very excited.


  1. Congratulations abt D's job situation. Having those benefits are a big plus.

    Too bad about your nego though. July 1st is coming up very quickly!

    Sorry about your BA & Maine trip. I hope you'll get to go to France later this year when things re your work settle down.

  2. Thank Sandra!

    Great news on the BA front. I just got noticed that someone did rent my apartment so I get my deposit back!