Monday, May 17, 2010

Great Inspiration!

First of all, A HUGE Shoutout of CONGRATULATIONS to Sue who participated in the 24hr race in Brive France where she ran just over 197 km to win the Canadian Association of Ultramarathoners 24 hr record for women 40 - 50, surpassing the old record of 185 km. What a debut!

I don't know about you, but I feel like strapping on my running shoes and going for a run!

Remember I wrote about having gone to university with a fellow who is now a professional Rally Car Driver? Well, he won The Oregon Trail Rally yesterday!

Congrats Andrew! In fact, it was a Mitsubishi sweep of the first 3 places with drivers all driving Evos, my dream car...

Now, back to my fairly ordinary life with more ordinary news...

It looks like trying to order tickets online for a performance at Teatro Colon is going to be just as frustrating as for the Deutsche Oper... so I'm going to leave it until I get there in person.

Turns out I'm going at a time where it won't be condusive to catching a Polo or soccer match either. Oh well, I'll need to consult the calendar of events a little closer next time!


  1. 197 km? I'm getting restless; the nice weather seems to be luring me outdoors to do something.

    Going to Buenos Aires soon? Have fun planning your trip. =) I'm planning a summer trip down to Washington, D.C. right now.

  2. Hi Sandra!

    No, not 197km! I'm nowhere even close to being that good! A few kilometers is all I can squeeze out without training.

    D has been inspired enough to start training for yet another marathon which means I'm going to be a pack mule.

    To burn time while he is running, I'll sign up for a race as well, either a 5 or 10km, whatever is available as the excitement around race day is contagious.

    Yup, will be leaving in about 6 weeks for BA. I've never been to DC and would love to go one day. There are so many great American cities I have yet to see. Good luck with your travel planning!