Friday, April 16, 2010

Over Service

Can there be such a thing as over service? Yes, yes I believe there is and I have been a recipient of it.

I came home yesterday to D telling me there was another message from HP giving me an update on my laptop fix. They have been calling 4 days out of 5 to give me basically the same message when I've been already checking my status online.

Forget that part.

The fact that I can barely understand the agent who is leaving the message is the most irritating thing as sometimes, because of the intonation, I start thinking they are telling me there is something seriously wrong when in the end, there isn't.

So I get online and email about my experience and to request that I no longer wish to get updates by phone and 3 emails later, after being asked to provide documentation on when and what time I've been called and by whom, I gave up and called customer service in Canada.

They confirmed that I have been receiving calls from an overseas call center and she will suspend their access to my phone number. Excellent. I reminded myself to call that number next time should I need any help.

Customer service gone too far. Doesn't help and ends up irritating instead of feeling like you are being taken care of. Inefficient and not organized.

I'm sure it is far cheaper for a company like HP (and numerous others) to move an aspect of their business that way because on paper, it probably looks like you are getting a lot of value for the dollar but as everyone knows, its quality, not quantity.

(Update: Just got notice my laptop is fixed and is getting delivered today! YEAH!)

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!


  1. I'd rather be sailingApril 16, 2010 at 8:51 AM

    Welcome to the world of outsourcing. I too have felt your frustration in the past.

    Is this the price we as consumers must pay as a result of our wanting? (demanding) lower priced goods that companies look to reduce their costs... and increase their profits by sourcing the lowest pay component where they can; and that extends to servicing NA customers from call centres overseas.

    On another note, given your recent pay raise has that or will it influence your decision whether to work more or opt for more time off per your musings in one of your recent posts?

    Finally, on your recent trip to Iceland did you happen to be in the vicinity of that volcano that is causing so much air traffic havoc in Europe these past few days.

    My son is hoping this settles down soon as he is scheduled to head to Germany and the Netherlands for Victory Europe celebrations (65th anniversary of the liberation of Holland) on a school trip in 12 days.

  2. Hi I'd rather be sailing!

    Now that I've had first hand experience the frustration of really no service in the name of service...I'd be happy paying more for a product from a company that runs without outsourcing.

    I have decided to take more time off -- 2 1/2 weeks more come summer and fall. Was just rearranging things in my daytimer just yesterday!

    A couple of glacier pictures I posted was from the base of that very glacier. Scary thought. One of our national papers (Globe and Mail, online version) is showing a picture of a ash cloud over what is the largest farm in southern Iceland. I happen to have the same shot, without the cloud, of course.

    I hope your son's trip will not be affected by this. We are at nature's whim now.

  3. Many companies still outsource call center to places like India because it's cheaper and more cost effective for their bottom line. However, because of many customer complaints similar to yours, many companies now use at-home-moms in the mid-west. The moms set up an office in their house and take calls from customers.

  4. Hi Sandra!

    I am very happy to hear that the pendulum is swinging back to something that not only makes sense but also creates local jobs.