Friday, April 9, 2010


I drove to work for the first time this year due to the hail, lightning and torrential rain. It felt weird not shifting. Made driving feel almost too passive for the first couple of minutes.

Haven't filed my taxes yet, even though I've paid for the online tax service. I was hoping to use my own computer for it.

We are eagerly anticipating D's first pay cheque at the end of the month. It will confirm whether our tax and other deduction estimates are accurate. His severance from the last job is supposed to roll in around the same time. It will be a nice windfall.

Of course every penny of both have been "spent", mostly on savings and extra mortgage prepayments -- amazing how easily it all disappears.

In all honesty, D thinks I'm neurotic and that I ought to "loosen up a little and keep a bit aside for some fun" but little does he know, it is done to save me from myself. Plus I think I get plenty of fun.

Having been a pretty big spender in the past (we didn't know each other then), he hasn't really seen me "in action". The closest he has got in recent times was when he watched me at the car dealership last year and I almost said yes to buying the EVO. It apparently scared and excited him...

I bought the cottage a few months after we met (almost 7 yrs ago) and that only took 1 1/2 hr of negotiating, done while he was at work. I still remember he thought I was joking when I called him up and said "Guess what I just bought?" :)


  1. Rough weather! What's the temp like there now? It was fairly warm, even hot here yesterday but today is back in the 50's.

    I wonder what his expression was when you told him you purchased a cabin. You should have told him in person & taken a picture. =)

  2. Hi Sandra!

    We are back to single digits Celcius. Last night dipped below 0!

    He didn't really believe me until we met that night and I showed him the faxed agreement! It would have been a funny picture...