Friday, March 5, 2010

New Ideas

In all the "excitement" that was this week, forgot to mention that the Bank of Canada rate has remained unchanged. So our mortgage rates stay put.

A couple of out of province opportunities have popped up for D and we are exploring the merits of those right now -- how much it costs to relocate, what the real estate markets are like there and what job opportunities there would be for me. The next steps would be to look at the US and Europe.

Right now I'm enjoying thinking about all the neat potential places to live and work. I may change my mind about that in 6 months but for now, as we are not tied down to any area per say, it is fun to dream.


  1. That's neat you can just pack up and go. Be sure to explore the potential area well before you move. Also, is it easy to sell your current place? Or will you be renting it out?

  2. Hi Sandra!

    It would be pretty easy to sell the cottage. The main house may take a month or 2. I would like to be in the position to buy something instead of rent.

    Renting our home out would not be our first choice. Right now D is only applying to places we know about.