Friday, March 12, 2010

Icelandic Horse 1, Me 0

I fell of my horse yesterday. Yup, I did. (D, have you stopped laughing yet?)

Apparently, my horse had "spring feelings" for another horse that was going the other way and wanted to follow without telling me about it. She tried it again, once I got back on but I was ready this time and the rest was fine as we were ending and were very close to the stables.

The horses are so beautiful. I was on a private ride through the lava fields. So I was very fortunate I did not fall on a rock or a pile of poop either! It was one of those falls where everything happened in slow motion and I remember thinking about how slow it was while I was falling.

Luckily, as I know how to fall, I just walked away with a bruise on my foot, probably from the stirrup. Not enough to keep me away from my longest travel day yet down to the south coast today.


  1. The whole break sounds great so far, except the actual hitting the ground obviously. Glad you are enjoying it and I am suitably envious!

  2. Ooooo... riding through the lava fields sounds very interesting! You're making me want to go there.

  3. Hi Lizzie!

    It has been a whirl wind of a trip -- in a good way.

    I will be suitably envious of you when you head off to Crete again!

    Hi Sandra!

    Those fields are really something as they are the result of volcanic rock being spewed out and landing on a a surface that is also molten.

    It gets covered in a green moss afterwards and that makes it look so pretty.

  4. Ouch! I have not fallen off my Ice Pony Huginn is so long. Let's keep it that way. HAHA!

  5. Hi Ice Pony Girl! Thanks for stopping by. I love your horse!