Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life and Budgets

D filed his income tax last night. The lucky duck is getting money back -- monies that will be used to pay my tax bill. Luckily there will be enough left over to pay for half of our next trip. We are happy about that.

We are also awaiting the annual bonus news. Not working in a corporate environment, I get excited about stuff like this. His company has done really well despite the economy but you cannot count on it until it arrives in the form of a letter of notice that is supposed to come out next week. Fingers crossed!

D didn't get a raise last year. Those who did got 1%. So not sure about this year.

I never budget with the assumption there will be more money. In fact the last 2 years, our budget shrank. That is me being uber conservative about my income as well. I'd rather know we can live on less than be forced to cut back in surprise. I feel more confident and in control that way.

The extra monies we have left from living off of a smaller budget allows us to take a trip or 2 -- a great bonus for living frugally throughout the year. Even I have to admit that we are pretty bare bones right now. Not sure I will be able to find new places to trim for next year.

Winter is more than half over and we have accommodated to not going to the cottage for the first time this season. Though the roads have been good this year, it has been really enjoyable nesting at home.

I can now understand why most cottagers use their place seasonally (May to Oct) even though it can be used year round. It feels like we are more in tune with the yearly cycle. If the weather cooperates, we'll open ours up at the end of April.


  1. It's smart to budget w/o assuming there'll be more money.

    Will you be heading off to Germany or Amsterdam this year?

  2. Is it your choice to file separately instead of as a couple? Or is that the way it's done in Canada?

  3. Hi Sandra!

    I just don't want to caught enjoying something I cannot. It helps me sleep at night.

    Yup, Germany is a go. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Amsterdam/somewhere in France in the fall.

    @ The Executioner;

    There is no tax benefit for us to file together. You can be married and file separately. You have to provide net income information for each other though. For us it is easier as I am self employed.