Monday, January 25, 2010

New Pants

Recently I found out that our local library has a slew of travel DVDs, of the Globe Trekker and Rick Steves variety. I remember growing up with them. We took a bunch out and spent a few hours being armchair travellers.

I would highly recommend these programs. Even if you have zero desire to ever darken the doorstep of a particular country, you will have learned some history, seen some cool landscapes and heard a different language or two.

On my list of things to do today is some sewing -- not the make your own clothing type but the shorten the hem of my newly acquired pants type. I would love to go to at stitch it place and have someone do it for me but I'm too cheap to pay for it and therefore suffer the consequences of a bad job.

Seriously, I've been hemming pants for decades. It is one of the first skills my mother taught me. Saves a few bucks and most times, I find the activity therapeutic. Plus it gets me off the computer as I've been overdoing it on the travel planning front. The bonus -- I get to finally wear my new pants!


  1. D keeps asking me if I sew and I have to keep saying "enough to save a button" and that's it! It's definitely a skill to work on. I keep thinking 'quilting,' but I think the pickiness of that might drive me mad.

    I love armchair travels! We have most of the Rick Steeves collection at work, so it might be something to do while we still have winter here.

  2. Well that got my attention bearing in mind pants means knickers over here!

  3. Hi Northern Living Allowance!

    I'm too chicken to try quilting so good for you if you are going to get into it.

    That's really cool you have travel dvds at work. What a great way to spend some free time!

    Hope your trip to BC went well!

    Hi Lizzie!

    I have no idea pants meant knickers! How funny is that?!