Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Free Money

Great news. I found out the store I bought my laptop and laptop bag from has a promotion where you get 25% off the laptop bag if you buy a laptop as well. I wanted to know if I am eligible for the discount as it was announced with 2 weeks of my purchase.

So 3 phone calls and lots of time on hold, I found that I was. All I have to do is bring my receipt in and they will credit me the difference back onto my Visa. Fabulous. We went after work last night. The amount I got back was $ 15.54.

Not an earth shaking amount but I was perfectly willing to take it. I asked D if he thought I was being cheap and he thought that not getting the money would be silly when it didn't take much effort.

That brought back memories of my behaviour when we were in Las Vegas years ago. I am not a gambler. Because of that, I would freak out in joy if I were to get $5 in quarter slots and if I were to have ended the trip with the $20 I started with at the casino, I would be one happy girl. Nope, I'm not at all big time when it comes to gambling.

I've always thought that lotteries ought to split up the prize money to more manageable amounts (like $250000) and have many winners instead of one person winning 28 million. They would be able to change many peoples' lives without going over the top. I know I'd be pretty pleased if I won $250000 right now.

I would pay off the mortgage, put the remaining $100000 in retirement funds, cut back on work and start spending some of my pay to dust off a few ambitions.

Once in a blue moon, I would buy one of those scratch and win tickets with some extra change. I like the instant gratification of it. The one I tend to chose is where you could win $1000 or $2000 a week for life. Personally I think this is the perfect type of win for me. Not too much but enough to retire on.


  1. I had Rona refund less than 5.00 which was the difference that they over charged me when I used a 10% discount coupon. It wasn't really the amount rather the point that they screwed up.

  2. Hi Joanne;

    I know what you mean about principle. At least it didn't sound like it was deliberate.

    The reason it took 3 phone calls before I got an answer was because a couple of employees had no idea about the promotion and didn't take the effort to search on my behalf.

    I also think that when it is one's own money on the line, things are different.