Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Slow Day

Quiet day today. We are catching up on our favorite Food Network shows. It never fails to make me want to eat-- and travel, depending on the show!

Been working my way through my books as well. It's going slower than I expected. It never fails to amaze me how content I am just looking out the window and watching the scenery. Time just flies.

My attempt at starting a homeopathic detox over my holidays has given me headaches. Probably wasn't the smartest idea to give it go at this time of year when I snack more than at any other time of year!

I was hoping that my bank would show the current transactions today but no luck. Our banks in Canada weren't opened yesterday. I'm waiting to see some payments put through last week on our Visa register online as it is due today.

Keeping finances in order during the holiday season has its challenges. There was a lot of juggling going on for us as my last pay check of the year is waiting for me at my office so we had to make sure we can get everything taken care of with D's income. With the new budget categories we are setting up for next year, the end of 2010 will be easier.

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