Monday, December 14, 2009

Packing and More Packing

Finishing up our packing has been overwhelming. It always starts off like a bit of a challenge as we are managing foodstuffs and some kitchen appliances. I'm fairly good spatially and D is very good with estimating relative weights.

It took about 3 combinations between the 4 suitcases in order to protect the right things, weigh in under 50 pds per suitcase and have it packed such that when vertical, nothing gets too squashed all the while leaving room for the morning of stuff. After all that, I haven't done my personal packing yet.

My stuff doesn't take long and will be housed in my 2 carry ons. It looks like it will be mostly books this year. I am starting to really appreciate the concept of the Kindle now as I stuff my 8th book into my knapsack.

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