Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lots of Fun

We tempted fate yesterday by looking at puppies for sale at 2 different farms. Both of us are pro shelter dogs but the cute puppy pictures were irresistible. I've never had a puppy, just older dogs so the thought of puppy training is daunting.

When we head out west in another week or so, I will be paying for a staff of mine to care for our cat every other day. It will cost $135.

Should we have a dog as well, the care would involve our favorite country club for dogs -- which translates to $25/day. Multiply that by 3 weeks and you get the picture. And here we are only talking about Christmas each year. There are other times of the year that we are away.

Not a cheap thing, pet care. That's after you spend money to buy them. I am a lover of English Bulldogs. D is lover of Australian Shepherds. Complete opposites. Those were the 2 breeds we saw yesterday. They cost $1800 & $900 respectively.

My group of Bullies were earlier in development even though they were the same age (8 weeks) as the Aussies. I had great fun playing with the mom and dad as well as the other ones on the farm. It was extremely hard not to commit to one.

D feels his favorite breed would be too much for our household. I would have to agree. It was overwhelming watching 7 puppies tear around you like a hurricane. This was after they stopped to climb all over us, said enthusiastic hellos and peed on me!


  1. I love animals and we have looked at puppies, rescue dogs etc in the past, always had cats & the bird. Now the decision is different. We have property in different places. Animals dont like travel or being left behind When we had the cats i didnt like to be away for too long as I missed them too. From now on we walk other people dogs, we feed othr people cats. We cuddle anything that comes near us! but we dont own.

  2. I am looking for a kennel or someone to dog-sit right now. Since this is my first dog I've never had that problem before. If I ever build a proper home I think I will keep dog-sitting in mind as a possible money-making venture. Could be a nice part time income. Good luck with choosing a puppy and I hope you don't have carpet!

  3. Hi Lizzie!

    I am struggling with missing my cat too. It is starting to get worse. We may very well end up doing the same in the future.

    Hi Daizy!

    Where we are, finding dog sitting is easier than cat sitting. Having someone I don't know come to my house is a big deal for me. I think you would make an awesome dog sitter. My girlfriend takes in dogs once and a while and she really enjoys it. I hope you find a good sitter.