Sunday, December 27, 2009

In Order

We are heading into town again today for another lunch out and some more grocery shopping. It will be fun. The sun is supposed to be shining and the temperatures very temperate for winter.

I've had to come up a better way to handle the yearly various misc. expenses better ie. vitamins, cat sitting etc. I have to admit, I've just been paying it and taking money out of general revenue when in reality, they are predictable and expected.

The best explanation is probably laziness on my part with a dollop of denial. I didn't want to admit that it adds up to around $1200 each year and deserves its own category.

So, I've modified my spreadsheet for next year to incorporate it. The effect will be a less jumbled looking sheet.

Time has been passing by quickly. It is nearing the 2 week mark for us out here and I don't want to go leave yet nor have I been bored at all.

I wondered yesterday just how long it would take, if left to my own devices, before I would even want to go back to my regular/working life.

Should I win a lottery any time soon, I shall be testing that out. I probably ought to start buying tickets first...

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