Monday, December 21, 2009

Daily News

Each morning around 8:30am, the ski and snowboard instructors here take off en masse down their first run of the day to scout out the day's terrain and where they will be bringing their respective groups of students.

I look forward to seeing them each day in their black Descente jackets, red ski pants and striped pom pom hats. Man, would I love to be part of that group, despite the weather being less than ideal lately (very foggy) and how challenging it would be teaching in it.

Time is going by quickly here. In a couple of days I will have been here a week already. Hardly seems possible. This year we've gotten more established and organized. When we were in town the other day, we brought back a few bags of groceries.

It wasn't too bad at all price wise, around $58. We remember that last year, each time we'd be at the local grocers, which was every day, we'd inevitably spend $24 daily. It adds up after a few weeks.

Our frugality efforts at home has definitely rubbed off here as well. Over the year, we have become smarter and more efficient food shoppers.

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