Saturday, November 21, 2009

Negative People

One of my all time pet peeves are people who do not seem capable of being happy when they see someone else succeed. Often, they can be downright angry about it.

  • Because how the success was achieved didn't fit into their idea of how "it ought to" have happen.
  • Because they feel the person didn't work "hard enough" to deserve it.
  • Because that person isn't as talented as the one who is resentful.
  • Because the angry one is so much better and the world just doesn't know it yet.
  • Because that person was lucky.
  • Because the world is crazy for buying into this person's ability when they don't really have any.
  • Because they are jealous.
  • Because they are suffering inside and out and can barely make ends meet.
  • Because they don't like themselves.
  • Because they didn't take a chance.
  • Because it is easier to make excuses than to go out and do it.
  • Because they are scare to fail.
  • Because they have too many useless restrictive rules for their life.
  • Because they set themselves up for failure.
  • Because they are not ready to be successful.
  • Because they feel the world owes them.
Either way, it is all about them. That's why there is not enough room to feel joy for someone else. I have no patience for such people.

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