Thursday, September 24, 2009


My hair is pretty much shoulder length now. When I took a foot off in April to donate to the cancer society, it was jaw length. I figure by next April, I will have enough length again to repeat.

The timing is great. I prefer longer hair in the winter as it feels warmer to tie my scarf over my hair around my neck while it is nice having it shorter for the summer but long enough to tie back. I couldn't have picked a better cycle. This way, I can also enjoy all hair lengths yearly.

There is a seat sale for Jan/'10 going on right now that we are debating about. We have only bought one ways out west for Christmas, awaiting the post Christmas sale. Well, here we are but the lowest fare entails us coming home 2 days later, and 1 day before I go back to work.

Having experienced winter plane travel as one of its worst last Christmas (16 hrs for something that usually takes 5) I am hesitant to play it so close. On the way there is no issue but I am risking that there will be no big snowstorm in the first week of Jan.

The worst case? I miss my first day of work in 2010. Can I live with that? Probably. D isn't really affected because he can work remote if we are delayed. So do we keep waiting? Today is the last day for the sale...


  1. My hair is super long and coming off on Saturday! I've been growing it out forever and I can't wait for it to be gone. Unfortunately I can't donate it, I'm cutting off 12" of platinum blond when my real hair color is dark, dark brown. It's been processed to death! Good luck finding a good fare. I think we'll stay home for the holidays, now that my parents are divorced and my mom lives nearby I don't have to fly cross country anymore!

  2. Thanks Miss M! Have fun at the Salon tomorrow! D is convinced that we will get the flight on the day we want if we just wait a little bit more so we didn't buy yesterday...