Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coming Together

The decision has been made. I'm postponing my driving lessons for now in order to create another $1000 cushion in our savings.

I had been mentally struggling with this one (more of a timing issue) and once the decision was made, I felt relief so I'm interpreting it as a good thing. We go to the cottage for the 5 days instead.

D is still waiting to sign his papers for his part time/contract job (15 - 20 hrs/month). He has been searching for a while now for "remote" work -- to get his feet wet in this area so that one day he will be able to work from anywhere where there is a computer. Part of our long term plan.

My job is location dependent and I am looking to add skills that are portable for the same reasons.

I'm knocking on wood as I am typing this...

The cottage this year hasn't needed much money in terms of maintenance. Am I grateful for that! Last year, we had to replace the water pump ($$). I guess we did buy a new bed but that isn't maintenance in my mind.

This year we've been focused on making it look nicer. D replaced the kitchen cabinet knobs and handles. There has been plenty of painting inside and out. It is finally coming together.

In the "love to have" category, I would love to have a new shower enclosure and a full spectrum water purifier as well as a laundry room. All of which are fairly big ticket items.

Since this year is the inaugural year for the working accounts, I am not in a hurry to use it all up for this. I'm enjoying seeing a positive balance.

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