Monday, August 17, 2009

Car Decision

I will be calling the bank later this morning to request a certified check be made up for D as he has decided to trade his vehicle in for another. Total cost for this purchase after trade in is just under $9000.

We will be paying $2500 (max allowed) by credit card (I want the points!) and the rest via the check. D will be cashing in his non tax account (around $5200) to pay for most of it while the rest is coming out of our car working account.

We did a mini road trip to the dealership yesterday (about 1 hr away) so that I could see this vehicle for the first time. Also, we had a chance to go see some more Subarus. We probably ought to have seen the Hondas first because it was a slight let down after seeing the other sporty ones.

It was very difficult for me to back off in D's car buying decision. I wanted to put my 2 cents in but held back as I didn't want him to feel like I was trying to direct his decision making process. Deep down I knew he was going to make a good decision.

I also know that I am a very strong personality and if I said too much, he would change his mind and pick something different just to apease me and I didn't want that.

Now we will have a car that has almost double the gas mileage as my CRV. It will be great for the trips to the cottage. He is really excited about it and we think it will be ready for pick up tomorrow or the next day.

We rounded our mini road trip with a nice hike around a small lake (hot, hot hot -- 40 C) and then went for some gourmet ice cream and got take out for dinner. Nice Day!


  1. I was sort of hoping you'd decided to take the plunge and become a one car family. :)

    In any case, congrats on the new addition. Glad you were able to find a way to get rid of the older vehicle. Was it having issues?

  2. Me too... if it were all up to me!

    D has had way more issues (brake lines, window motor dying etc) than I because he didn't as good care for his car as I did.

    So this time, he is going to look after it better.