Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fun Money

Last workday of the week for me. I have tomorrow off. Yeah! I am looking forward to reading a few books that I just got from the library.

There is some sudden interest in a couple of items we have for sale. Hopefully they will sell quickly and easily.

We decided to build in more fun money in our budget. Recently, with our new found enthusiasm for mortgage prepayments etc. we have gone way over board on using every single penny towards our cause.

It has left us with that characteristic feeling that tells us we need to lighten up.

We've been watching some debt tv shows and it really hit home when people who make less than 50% of what we do have more per week in their recommended entertainment budget than we do and they were talking about $25!

So what we are going to do, starting August, is to put all of our extra income and sales money into an account and see what it amounts to, as a start. Then decide what fun thing to do with it.

Because my base debt extra payments are calculated on base income, we still meet our goals on time instead of maxing out prepayments and waiting for when we are allowed to start again -- as in the case of the ski condo.

Next week the last prepayment allowable will be made and I cannot make another one until May 2010. Our focus will then switch to the house prepayment until that is maxed out etc. etc. jumping from one to the other.

After I realized that, I wonder what I was thinking?! Bring on the Fun Money!

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