Monday, August 24, 2009


I am recovering from my friend's visit today. I really like having the house to myself despite loving to share. Guess I enjoy my routine more than I thought!

The week went by fast. She is very independent so we didn't have to have activities lined up or anything. I haven't seen her for a number of years as once we graduated, we went our separate ways and her being about 20 hrs away by plane makes it harder.

I believe that situations and people serve as a mirror to your own life. This past week was no exception. Time and life has changed both of us. We only had one moderate blow out. We disagreed on how we managed our respective businesses and being of different cultures led to some misunderstanding of intended meanings.

It is also hard to be around someone who feels the need to prove almost everything/every idea wrong. I do not remember this trait about her so much in our history.

I came out of this visit very grateful for my life. I have much more peace within me than I ever gave myself credit for. Even D, who is a zillion times more laid back than I got riled up. That says a lot!

In other news, D had a crazy adventure last week en route to picking up his '05 Civic. His CRV would not start at a gas station after he went to pay for the gas. He had to run to the nearest mechanic shop (for trucks) to get help as a line up of cars were forming of people who didn't know he was having trouble with his vehicle.

I was at work and didn't know this until I walked home to see the new car in the driveway. D was looking for me out the kitchen window anxious to tell me the story.

It turned out the wire to the starter had corroded away and the truck mechanic physically used pliers to clamp the 2 ends together to get it started again. So off D went to the dealership, feeling worried about what to do once he got there as once it was turned off, would not be able to start again without help.

Because it was past 6pm, the mechanics there were done for the day and the salesman wasn't too thrilled to hear about the news. Once D explained that it wasn't the starter but the wire, he was better about it. If D had any reservations about selling his 12 yr old 316000 plus km vehicle, he didn't after that. Who would have thought!

With it being 12 years since we last bought a vehicle, we both forgot the other things -- like cost of car mats, snow tires and rims (I like Blizzaks), chip paint, oil undercoating, increased cost of insurance etc.

D has been a bit silent about the above added costs and I suspect he may be feeling a bit of pain regarding it, especially since I have been toying with the idea of some distant travels. You can have everything you want, but often not all at once.

He knows I was on the one car family camp. Though he says he only trusts my car 70% (his previous car 50%) whereas I am 100%. It is the same 12 yr old car as he traded in ($1500 at that!) but I have 267000 km. Funny how different perception can be.

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