Monday, July 6, 2009


My mind is has been a flurry of activity since last night when I found out about a couple of learning opportunities.

I have a chance to learn to play the cello with the lead cellist of a symphony orchestra.

Cello teachers are not an easy group of people to find. I had to teach myself while waiting for the Conservatory to call me back about availability years ago (they never did) and had written the whole thing off since then.

Second, I have a chance to learn ballroom dance again with a professional instructor and competitive dancer who just moved into the area from Montreal. I studied ballroom for 1 1/2 years and loved it.

If it weren't for poor business management of the school, I would still be there. My ballroom shoes/heels were one of the few things I wouldn't sell as I was holding out for a future opportunity.

So my mind is in a tizzy right now.

I am thinking of the cost of these activities (lessons are not even close to being cheap) and I am also thinking of my soul cost of not taking up these opportunities when it is staring me in the face...


  1. Oh, the cello. I wanted to play the cello in 3rd grade but my mom kindly gave her input, "do you want to lug a cello to school?". Um, no. So, instead I found out I was a gifted violinist. Ended after one year when the schools took the art program out. And my parents didn't continue to pursue due to financial reasons.

    So, I say.... cello lessons. Well, that is if you were looking for input. LOL.

    Ballroom dancing, too? Pretty cool. Good luck with your decision.

  2. Hi Christine!

    It is a really tough call. I want to do both but financially, I've committed to so much right now. I am going to take the week to think about it. Thank you for your feedback!