Monday, July 27, 2009


We discovered our local ER this weekend in cottage country. D had a run in with his first (and hopefully last) kidney stone. Time was a blur for most of Saturday night and Sunday morning.

I am hoping he will get in with his family Dr. today for the followup and further testing.

D has been training for his first ultra-marathon race in the fall and we believe his stone may be have been caused by dehydration even though he drinks water throughout his run via a Camelbak and takes re-hydration products.

His parents are on holidays so we don't get to find out if there is any significant family history until later.

He is pretty bummed out that he may be seeing a limit to his physicality.


  1. Oh no, I hope he feels better soon. I hear stones are very painful.

  2. Yes they are. There was another gentleman in the ER that night who was trying to pass one so large that they had to surgically go in to get it. They couldn't give him enough drugs.