Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Insurance

I've been busy this morning on the phone wanting some comparison information about the different categories of home insurance. I also wanted to know if our home was over insured.

Turns out it is yes and no. The insurer we use provides "bundles" of coverages that they try and sell you instead of giving the option of modifying each line item.

For example, I wanted to make sure we had $2 million liability but I was told I had the $2 million liability for the home and my car for this annual fee.

$2 million liability coverage for my car?! Why would I want that? And isn't that why I have car insurance?!

So, I was sent to look online for a further explanation of the different categories. The website isn't loading up well so I'll look into it later.

Meanwhile, I've downgraded our coverage from the "Platinum Plan" to the "Gold Plan" for just over $125 savings a year. It means I no longer have coverage for "mysterious disappearance of jewelery and money"....

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