Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Canada Day to fellow Canadian Bloggers and Readers!!!

As a country, Canada is beautiful and I have yet to see it all. Canadians are known world over as being accommodating and polite, even bit pushoverish.

We have big open spaces, varying geography as well as vibrant cities. One can choose many different ways of living. Standard of living is pretty high. It is still possible to find really good value in real estate, even in our large cities, compared to places in Europe.

It is our climate that most people are surprised about. We don't all live in igloos and around where I live, it can be as warm as the Caribbean here!


  1. Happy Canada Day indeed. I have many Canadian friends because as an Australian I think we are very similar culturally. It's lovely country and I've enjoyed every trip I've made up there.

  2. Thanks so much livingmyrichlife!

    I too have heard about the cultural similarities. I haven't been to Austrailia but will before too long!