Monday, June 22, 2009

Life Beyond Selling

I did end up sending an email yesterday to the slow response buyer. I worried that I would come across too pushy but it was good for my peace of mind. Another email went out to someone who had expressed interest but I had delayed due to the above slow response person.

What will become of it? I don't know, but I feel better about establishing healthier boundaries. I sometimes think that Internet dealings have the potential for allowing personal laxity that otherwise may or may not occur if we were dealing face to face.

My budget spreadsheet had a major overhaul due to the recent trip changes. So far, 2010 and 2011 will look fairly similar. We are making more use of the cottage and ski condo. I am going to look into converting some foreign currency I have into Canadian dollars so it can be put into savings and work for us now, rather than just sitting there.

On a fun note, we started watching the Harry Potter movie series yesterday in anticipation of the next film opening soon. I have been a late adapter to the books and movies -- just last year! I can certainly understand why there is such a large following.

Can't wait until Transformers opens either! To top it off, an old fashion ice cream truck came by our neighbourhood -- the ones that have that circus like jingle playing -- and I got a Spiderman popsicle -- hard to describe but it was of the face and there were 2 gumballs that were the eyes and the red and blue tasted like red and blue slush! It was Yummy!


  1. One thing you may want to consider when responding to potential purchasers is to clearly state in your communication to the potential buyer that if you don't hear back by X time Y timezone on Z day, the original buyer forfeits and you move on to the next buyer. This way you aren't left hanging by the tardiness of others. If buyer 1 really wants your item, he/she'll be prompt.

  2. Thanks DRiPpy Chick! That is great advice! I think I have been spoiled by good buyers until now so I assumed everyone else would be and learn I guess!

  3. I've always had good luck the few times I've used craigslist or ebay, I hope one of your buyers comes through. Oh and you can have all the ice cream trucks from neighborhood, they are annoying! They take up all of our narrow streets and play that music way too loud, we also have the fruit truck and the corn man. Ah the joys of living in a mostly hispanic neighborhood.

  4. Hi Miss M;

    Luckily he only comes around on Fridays. I have never heard of the fruit truck and corn man. That's awesome!