Sunday, May 3, 2009

Car Revisited

There is a rumour that D may have a buyer for his car!

Last fall, I brought up the notion of going down to a 1 car family. (Mind you, after walking home in torrential rain earlier this week, I was thinking, "What are you thinking?!") Our insurance costs would be halved and I wouldn't have to budget for double the tires, maintenance etc.

I hope this lead is fruitful. It won't impact him at all because he would be driving my car -- it's just not his car -- and we drive the same car, same year, just different colours... that wasn't deliberate, we met that way!

I have already observed our local transit system and know what the schedule is, should I encounter a day where walking isn't a great idea. The bus gets me within a block of my work for around $2, so a pretty good deal. The bus stop is probably about 1 min away.

I'm going to keep $2 in my wallet in a special location, just in case this all pans out.

Off to a different topic now...

As an ongoing theme of reducing hobbies that have a relatively high cost per use, I've knocked scuba diving off my wish list. Ballroom dance lessons is likely to be next -- though if I ever decide to take a job as an instructor, I may get to use my dancing shoes again... this is one of my dream jobs!


  1. My wife and I became a one-car family last year. It's not as big a challenge as you might think. We spend more time together now, plan our trips in advance, and carpool with others on occasion. I can't imagine going back to being a two-car couple seems so excessive.

    And kudos on the inexpensive hobbies! Hiking and Ultimate Frisbee are two of my favorites.

  2. We did try being a single car family for about 8 months but it wasnt successful. A bit too far for me to walk and the bus took an eternity. Now I just keep both cars in good condition and try not to waste fuel. Its not as good but it is the best I can do at this stage.
    Good luck!