Thursday, May 7, 2009


It looks like my extra income (amount greater than projected) for the month will be around the $750 mark. More than I was anticipating, a nice surprise.

There has been a number of capitol purchases this year for the house and cottage. Things that won't need to be bought again for hopefully a decade or so ie. mattresses.

This has tested our new workings accounts (For those who don't know about this, they are individual savings accounts that I am building up so that they will have enough to pay for yearly maintenance costs as well as a single large cost, like a roof, car etc).

From a life perspective, this year has been clipping along at a good pace so far.

Each year I attempt to put in place a pattern of time off based on my last year's experience. For example -- If I felt that by certain times of the year, I'm feeling worn out and exhausted, the following year, I would reserve some time then in hopes

I won't get to that point physically or mentally again. I cannot entirely point the finger at work for this. A lot of times, it is my other commitments that can use up energy. Each year is different. Things come up -- sometimes really fun things and they will shift plans accordingly.

Now that we are into May, I am happy to report that I am not exhausted, just slightly tired and achy. Mentally and emotionally very good. This has been my goal for the past few years.

To transition back to a place where I have enough time off prior to exhaustion and enough fitness, so that holidays can be more active and exploratory verses forced restorative -- Having to lay down because I had gotten so dragged out.

So I will head to Alaska with a pretty filled gas tank and I look forward to discovering its ins and outs as well as the chance to eat some great Halibut and Crab.

Back in 1 1/2 weeks.


  1. Have fun! I went to alaska once as a kid, it was June and freezing! I can't imagine how cold it is there and in Canada all winter long, you're a hardy soul. Enjoy the vacay.

  2. Thanks Miss M! I had a great time and was very lucky that the weather was ideal. I needed sunblock!