Thursday, April 23, 2009

On Local Food

It's spring and farmers' market season has started. What a relief!

Over the winter I've struggled with the concept of buying local food vs buying foods that have been imported from other countries.

In Canada, where I am, we have snow and thus not much local produce to buy after October.

I understand the concept of eating with the seasons and eating local foods that didn't require a whole lot of shipping costs, but really, there wasn't a whole lot to chose from.

So this winter, I bought lettuce and oranges and asparagus etc. that were shipped from around the world, once I got tired of cabbage.

Some days, I wish I lived in a more temperate area where I could get fresh produce year round!

Our seeds are coming along nicely, most of them, that is. There are some that simply haven't germinated but it will give us the chance to replant new ones allowing us to stagger our (hopefully higher than last year) yields.

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