Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Stereotypes Not to Live By

Not to be outdone :) , I too work with a couple of female "stereotypes" that I am shocked by.

C is a successful business owner who cannot understand why she hasn't found "the one" yet. She feels she has a ton to offer the right guy and has gone on hundreds of dates in the last few years.

Here's the catch. She is looking for someone that is willing to work around her schedule, her life and preferably has health/financial benefits that she would be able to take advantage of once things got more serious....

Need I say more?!

What I do not understand, is why would she be hung up on getting financial benefits when she is doing very very well financially, has a source of passive income and is always on the hunt for other business opportunities!

I don't understand this.

Next up...

D has changed careers a few times in her life. Because of this, she is currently starting a new career where there has been a substantial investment in time and money owed along the way. What is the catch?

There is a burning desire and timeline with respect to having children. And she would allow pregnancy to trump debt and career. So much so, she is willing to have children with someone who has a pass and present history of substance addiction, just so she can meet her biological deadline.

Should things go sour, D would not be able to manage things financially at all, on her own. She cannot manage things right now, sans baby.

I just don't get it.


  1. I think most people hold a notion for something they "can't" have. People believe that something of adversity must be in their lives because it's not "mindfully" possible to have smooth sailing life.

    It's the extent of the drama queen you want to be! LOL! Wait... I should heed my own words. haha!

  2. Wow! I guess it's all relative. I don't get it either, but I'm sure these women would look at my life, shake their heads and say "I don't get it".

    Some people need drama and court dissatisfaction so they have a reason/excuse for not meeting their full potential?

  3. Hi Money Funk and Money Minder!

    I never considered it from the perspective of actually Wanting Drama...or as an excuse...really interesting!

    I'm going to think about that more.

  4. Hmm, I think if I wanted a baby and there was no man in my life I'd be perfectly happy to head on down to the sperm bank and have one on my own! That's my independent streak. C the successful businesswoman has to work around the same problem that I do, many men aren't secure enough in themselves to get involved with a successful woman. It really limits the dating pool. I don't understand why she would require a man who can then take care of her later, hasn't she proven she can take care of herself. Sorry but you can't have it both ways.