Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lucky Days

My 2 flights got me home a little ahead of schedule last night, thanks to a favorable jet stream. With daylight savings time and the 3 hours time difference, I am a little wonky this morning.

Lucky D won't be coming home til Sunday so extra ski days for him. For me a 2 day work week, so can't really complain about that. I've ended my ski season a better skier than I started, so I'm very happy about that. It hasn't been easy slaying those fear dragons.

I had the most inspiring driver take me to the airport yesterday. It was just me so I sat up front with him and we chit chatted the time away. He would be in his 60's and was first season working for the resort. Real positive guy for so early in the morning.

Turns out he was awake at 3:30am as he enjoys doing his computer work before getting to his part time job. Also turns out that his computer work consisted of keeping up his skills writing computer code!

He had gone back to university and completed a computer science degree by the time he was 46. Then he worked for a large company for the next 20 yrs. Prior to that, he was a commercial pilot and a scuba diver right out of high school! His next adventure will take him and his wife into rugged northern BC.

By the time he got me to airport (1 hr due to road conditions), he talked me into learning snow boarding. I was so excited, I left my shoulder bag in the van and didn't realize it until I was checking my luggage in. Luckily he was still around.

To round out a great trip, the on board flight TV wasn't "working" properly so we all got the paid per view movies free. And if that wasn't enough, I didn't have to pay for my airport parking ($100) as the self check out terminal was broken! Let the good luck keep rolling!


  1. I love the story of the cabbie, what an adventure he's lived. And that is a string of good luck, how often do a bunch of things work out in your favor. $100 is enough money to put a smile on my face.

  2. Me too! D still can't stop talking about how lucky that was.