Friday, March 20, 2009

Lots Going On

Lots of little things:

  • Managed to get a whole row of books ready for donation

  • Will be starting my seeds this weekend

  • Will be moving outdoor furniture out

  • Kitchen clean up starting

  • Skis have reached Chicago, ought to be here next week

  • Had a great talk with a girlfriend who is frustrated with the man in her life who refuses to be held accountable for his actions (disappearing act!) -- my advice? Move on!

  • D did end up getting a bonus -- we certainly didn't expect it but am very grateful for it -- will be used to fund his non tax savings account

  • I've put in $3450 (max $5000) in my non tax account so far

  • Have a dinner party to go to tomorrow, expect to have a great time!

  • Helping a friend find a better job

  • Booked myself a massage for next week

  • Booked myself THE haircut in 2 weeks (I've been growing it to donate to the cancer society) I decided I cannot wait until May

  • We've narrowed down the cottage insurance choice to 2 (from 3!)

  • Thanks to Daphne, I'm finally writing down my gratefulness points rather than just thinking about it

  • I'm finally going to an association meeting after 9 years -- next week

  • My yearly admin fees for my registered savings account was paid yesterday

  • Working on my Feb bookkeeping, half done

  • Finish one book, reading the other
Happy Friday!!!


  1. Busy busy, the massage sounds wonderful. I could use one myself, congrats to D on the bonus.

  2. Thanks Miss M! I am definately overdue for a massage -- do my best to go once a month. Hope you book yours soon too!