Friday, February 13, 2009

How We Met

I met D on a sort of a blind date.

I only had an old picture to go by but my sources were reputable. He didn't have much to go by either.

Not being a fan of having my picture taken, I didn't have much to choose from outside of my driver's licence photo (which was hideous!), passport photo (ditto) or a recent newspaper picture of the dance troupe I belonged to. I resorted to that.

He later told me that he thought it was a strange choice.

But he didn't yet know that I didn't own a digital camera (I still don't), I only had dial up Internet (the running joke was that I bragged about having unlimited dial up Internet from 6 am to 6pm), I didn't have a scanner so I had to go to Business Depot and pay them to scan it for me.

That led to him calling me a Luddite.

For our first date we went to my favorite dessert place. I decided that he might as well know right off the bat I like to eat so I ordered a banana split.

Our second date was at Starbucks whereby I politely asked him what type of mortgage he was getting for the house he recently bought.

His version was that he was grilled about the amortization, term and payment amounts of his mortgage and his retirement savings strategy. (I did not! I may have been a bit hyper as I don't drink coffee but ordered one that evening...)

I'm sure I broke all the "dating rules" out there but that was over 5 years ago and I love D more today than I thought I did back then. We are heading up to the cottage after work today.

Happy Valentine's Weekend Everyone!


  1. Hey Middle Way,

    Thanks for sharing about your unconventional first couple of dates. I enjoy learning more about you - bravo for having courage to share!

  2. Aww, I love the how we met stories. Mr M and I met at a public meeting trying to save an old house from demolition. We were next door neighbors but had never really met, I lived in a giant apt building and he lived with a bunch of roomates in the little house we tried to save. The house is gone, but something good came out of that meeting.

  3. The part about him calling you a Luddite is too funny! (My wife and I also refer to ourselves as such frequently, but I've found that 90% of people haven't even heard of that word and don't know what it means.)

    But perhaps we're changing. We just got our first digital camera a couple of months ago. Then again, it was a gift from someone else...

  4. Thanks Daphne! It gave me a chance to laugh at myself again.

    What an awesome story Miss M. D and I are avid old house people too!

    I'm glad I am not alone S.B.!

  5. Hi, Middleway, such a nice break from reading serious stuff ! Loved it.

  6. Thanks snigdha! I enjoyed writing it. I was a break for me too!