Sunday, January 25, 2009


I've made my Tax Free Savings Account decision.

I am going to open a Tax Free Mutual Fund account with ING Direct Canada.

They have 3 types of balanced index funds depending on your risk tolerance. The major differences is in the percentage invested in each category.

The lowest "risk" fund has 70% Canadian Bonds, 10% Canadian stocks, 10 % US stocks and 10% International stocks.

The moderate "risk" fund has 40% Canadian Bonds, 20% Canadian stocks, 20 % US stocks and 20% International stocks.

The highest "risk" fund has 25% Canadian Bonds, 25% Canadian stocks, 25% US stocks and 25% International stocks.

I've chosen not to stay with my current brokerage house for this account because of their yearly administration and transaction fees.

So, I'll give the no fee, no load approach a go. It'll make for a good comparison as the rest of my investments are with a full service brokerage which means fees!

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