Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Thoughts

Had a great ski lesson today. Wasn't all that motivated to go as it was snowing really hard and the drive wasn't so great. But once I was there, the energy of the instructor was contagious and off we went.

Our bank who holds our mortgages did pass along the savings that came with our Bank of Canada lowering their rate on Tuesday. We are now at 2.10% and 2.25% respectively!

With each of the rate increases, the end result is a lowering of our biweekly payments as our bank keeps the same amortization. We know that we're taking a risk here by increasing our payment amount what it was before (thus saving a couple more months of time). The reason it is a risk is that should rates go back up, our payments will also. We are not allowed to lower it once we have increased. So we are gambling a bit.

Cedric is doing great. I'm still working on getting cat sitters for the year. I calculated that if I have someone come in every other day to clean the litter box, play with him, replenish food and water etc. while we are away, it is going to cost around $375 for this year's worth of holidays.

I've finalized a couple of getaways. One includes St. John's, Newfoundland -- can you believe it?! I am going to visit the capital city for 6 days , probably talk to a couple of Realtors and maybe even see a property or 2 if time permits. The areas I'm interested in is about 4 hrs away. I need to figure out what this pull I have for Nfld is all about.

My ski trip in March has gotten extended to 1 1/2 weeks with the scheduled leave right after my last ski lesson.

January net worth went down due to falling investments. I was bummed out about it because I felt our debt repayment and savings efforts should have evened it out. It's amazing how I look to numbers for encouragement. I've also started to update numbers twice a month, again for encouragement!

I'm thinking that my hair donation will happen in May, after I come home from Alaska. By then, the nicer weather will be here.

My local association (re: work) made an urgent appeal for funds for an advertising campaign. I was moved by this year's president and his passion for uniting all in the area to create a common voice and presence. His enthusiasm came through even via email. I replied that he could count me in.

I had been avoiding association meetings for the last 9 years. They turned me off because all I could see was a bunch of people, full of themselves, bragging about their business. There was no networking, mentoring or much good will. I was not going to cut my business day short for that!

When I'm not working at my career job, the last thing I want to be talking about is that. I'm usually off living the rest of my life. I find that I feel uncomfortable around people who live, breath and eat work because inevitably I would end up feeling guilty that I am not working longer and more! When, inside, I'm thinking that they need to get a life!

Finally, there is an opportunity to help out my local ski club. They have been working on expansion plans for the last decade and apparently are very close now. It is a sponsorship thing where you can put your name on the back of a ski lift. I have to get in touch with the person in charge of donations but right now, I'm thinking it would be good place for some of my charity dollars this year.


  1. Congrats on firming up your trip to NF...I am excited for you! I hope you love it.

  2. Thanks Money! I'm pretty pumped (and scared!) about it. I don't know what I'm going to find.

  3. Wow...that's a lot of stuff going on. Congrats on the upcoming trip to NF. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the trip.

    Also can I just say that I'm extremely jealous of your mortgage rates. Ours have just dropped a lot in Australia and we feel we're doing well at 6.21%!

  4. @ livingmyrichlife -- Too much going on I think at times!

    I had no idea that interest rates are so different. Our current rate is 50% less than it was 1 1/2yrs ago just because of what is going on with the world. Does that mean Austrailia has been spared from the crisis?

    I know I'm tempting fate with going to Nfld, especially when we've got a pretty good 5 yr plan going on finance wise. D is so tired of hearing me talk about it over the last few years, he is ready to shove me into a plane right now to get is over with!