Sunday, January 18, 2009

Frugal Pet Ownership?

Having had Cedric come into our lives after a few years of being pet free has created a whirlwind of activity on our parts. He's handling it just fine. It's us who's scrambling to get everything in order.

A few trips to a pet store showed just how much things have changed since the last time I owned pets.

You can spend an inordinate amount of money there!

I am a believer that pets want to be loved and part of your lives. They are not going to feel inferior or hard done by because they are not wearing a $100 collar or have fancy food bowls and beds. It was crazy! A brush that just looks like a brush cost $9 because it was called a pet brush.

We bought 50lbs of kitty litter, 20 lbs of premium cat food, a basic cat carrier, a brush, a toy, a blanket and cat spray on/wipe off shampoo for under $80. I'm happy with that. He now has more toys and treats courtesy of his first visitor this weekend.

Of course with our travelling, the biggest yearly expense will be cat sitting as we feel the air travel would be too stressful. I cannot imagine having Cedric with me on my last delayed flight of 16 hrs!

The jury is still out with the cottage because D believes cats would prefer to stay home. Any opinions on that? It would mean a 3 hr car ride each way. The last time I lived with a cat, I didn't have other properties.

If anyone has any frugal pet tips, I've love to hear them!


  1. Hiya
    Lulu hates all and any travel, even the sight of the travel box makes her run away. We took her on hols a couple of times when she was a baby, sorry kitten. She miawed every 5 seconds for the journey unless she was allowed to ride out of the box. Once on my husbands lap and able to look out of the window she was content.
    Now she stays home and my neice or sister feed and cuddle her twice a day. I think she prefers it.

  2. Looks like Cedric is making himself at home - already has his ownn spot on the window sill!

    All you can do is take him to the cottage and see how it goes.

    He's very cute!

  3. Hi Lizzie and Money!

    I'll let you know if we decide to brave the car ride or not.

    The next cottage weekend is supposed to be this one coming! (weather depending--I'm not going if it is going to be -25 degrees!)

    Meanwhile I'm pleased to have found a cat sitter!

  4. I have dogs, not cats, but they prefer to be with you always rather than stay home. I'd say fly with the kitty, but pet airfare has gotten super expensive. I've flown with my dogs a few times, it's kinda fun. I hope you are enjoying your new furry friend.

  5. Hi Miss M!

    Yes, we are enjoying Cedric. Will will be testing out how he does when we are away next weekend.

    That'll set the tone for how we handle things for the year!

    Keep your fingers crossed for me!