Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dream Jobs

If money was no object, would you be working in where you are now?

Here are some "dream jobs/careers" on my short list:
  • music history teacher
  • part time librarian
  • art gallery gift shop attendant
  • ski instructor
  • short order cook
  • driving instructor
  • ballroom dance teacher
  • art teacher
  • receptionist
  • local theatre usher
  • architectural technologist
  • travel agent

What 's on your list?


  1. Wow....this one made me think. We probably all should know what we'd love to do. Here's a short list, but I'll definitely be giving it more thought:
    Small business owner
    Web designer
    Life coach
    Travel Agent
    Animal activist
    Dog shelter manager
    Bed & Breakfast owner
    Adventure company manager
    Book shop/Cafe owner

    That was fun!

  2. Full-Time Mom....and I'm living my dream job :-)

  3. Hmm, I'd rather not have a job and have loads of time for hobbies! But if I have to choose:

    Own a bakery
    Have my own cooking show
    Own a breakfast only restaurant
    Small organic farm
    Own a doggie boutique
    Run a dog rescue
    Stay at home dog mom!

  4. Oh, I like this one...
    Hmmm... (thinkin' real hard)

    Fiction Vampire Novelist
    World Traveler
    Bed & Breakfast owner
    Paranormal Investigator (Ghost Hunter)
    German Language Professor
    Bread Baker
    Herbal Farmer

    Hey thanks! I needed that. I think you just answered the question I was conversing during my lunchtime! Sometimes the simplest questions, as yours, can add such wonderment in one's life. ;)

  5. Horse boarding facility owner,
    Cook in my own restaurant,
    Organic farmer,
    and my favorite daydream career -
    Historical reenactor on an Antebellum or Westward expansion era farm/ranch.

    But, in all honesty I have it really good as things stand right now!

  6. Nice list!

    I would curl up in an armchair and read all day and late into the night. Preferably a different armchair in a different hotel in a different city every week!

  7. Thank you all for sharing your dream job options!

    I'm thoroughly inspired now and my list has gotten larger because of it!

  8. While I already have my dream job - I'm a part-time secretary in an academic environment - I do have a wishlist of jobs:

    Yoga teacher
    Immigration consultant
    Radio broadcaster or producer

  9. I agree with Miss M, I want to stay in early retirement and enjoy my hobbies as the last child leaves the nest next fall --
    yoga and pilates
    training for half marathons
    walking the dogs
    adventure travel
    healthy lifestyle expert
    sun worshiper

  10. Hi Karissa and Sandy!

    Thank you for contributing your lists!

    I am a big advocate for part time work. It's more balanced that way, I feel.

    Though, I would have to agree with you Sandy about yearning to spend all of your time doing various hobbies. Exciting times coming for you!

    Some days, I feel my 3 days a week paid work is still too much in the way of the rest of my life!

  11. I would love to be a historian in one of the national trust houses

  12. Hi Andrea!

    That would be an awesome job! I love architure so being in a property that has been done up so well would be amazing.