Friday, January 9, 2009


I'm starting January '09 off on a good foot financially.

After analyzing my month end for December, I realized that my actual pay for January will be $1383.86 higher than my spreadsheet estimate! Hurray!

What to do about the extra monies...

The logical thing would be more prepayment towards the mortgages but I feel we are doing "enough".

So I am stopping by the bank on the way to work today to get some cash to put aside -- Canadian and US cash. I already have Euro stashed away.

So if we ever needed cash and the bank machines are not working or there is another major power blackout, we can still buy batteries, groceries and gas etc.

As for the US cash, it is nice to have for those last minute weekend trips and for airport expenses en route somewhere.

The 2 currencies won't eat up all of the monies. I'll likely put the rest towards what I know for sure will be spent later on the year ie. BC property taxes, hockey season tickets, flights etc).

All in all, a good problem to have.

I'm also happy to report an increase in net worth for Dec '08 due to increased debt repayment, cash position and some little increases in stock and mutual fund values. I am using NetWorth IQ to help me track this (see side bar).


  1. Hooray! I wish I could say my actual pay was that much higher too. lol! I can't imagine having to deal with all those currencies.

    I saw your wish list. You will love an Aurora Borealis. I saw one in Chicago in the middle of the day. I know it wasn't as strong as what you would see in Alaska, but even then... it was really fascinating! Love your lists on the sidebar!

  2. Extra money is a nice surprise isn't it? Kind of puts a spring in your step - kind of like a spring day!

  3. Hi Money Funk!

    Thank you! Currencies aren't so bad -- I just see them as regular dollars that just look different!

    I can't wait to see one now. I can't believe you saw one in the middle of the day! That's amazing!

    Hi Money!

    You bet it put a spring in my step -- it's also motivational. Here's hoping I'll beat each month's estimate just for that extra boost!

  4. Congratulations on the increase in Net Worth.

    I've also just started using NetworthIQ. What a great program for keeping track. Now I just need to keep it updated regularly.

  5. Hi livingmyrichlife!

    I'm glad you are on to NetworthIQ too! I'm pretty new to it as well.

    The only thing I've found, is that I haven't been getting the reminder emails to update so I've switched to the beginning of the month so that it is easier to remember!